Thursday, September 20, 2012

Girl Loves Plants

Those closer to me already know, but I really love plants.  I've given up the practice of giving a walking commentary of all plants I see to my wife, but it still goes on in my head.  I particularly love the action of leaves on a tree, and not merely the fall color, but I really love the vibrant green of the first spring flush and the changes in tint when pods and the like pop down. 

My daughter loves them too.  My older son does too for that matter, but the girl is old enough to really dig in.  The amazing thing is is that she's really learned quite a bit already.  She knows how to gently get out small plants from a cell pack without damaging roots, place them in a hole and firm the dirt up around them.  She loves to water them too - they're like her babies.

Talking with Kevin Ford over at site he often says that many people are intimidated to move to the land because they don't even know what a seed looks like.  So here's my point: my 3 year learned a lot already.  Just get out there.

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