Thursday, June 13, 2013

Short Update from the Wife

When my husband started this blog, he wanted it to be full of quick updates and tips on moving to the land.  What I think he forgot is that trying to live off of the land, (while having a full time job and a full time family), can take up a lot of time!  We do a lot of chores as a family, which makes for good quality time, but is not very efficient.  Stops to take kids potty, get them water, etc, can double the time it takes to do a regular chore. But its worth it and the kids love playing while their Papa looks on from his bee suit, pulling weeds in the garden, or from building a stanchion for our cows.

They just ADORE their Papa!

Exciting farm news:  we are finally going to start our own farm!  While taking care of the bees and other farm chores are part of living on someone else's farm, the vegetable garden is ours, as well the profits we make from it.  We are toying around with the name "Little Way Farm," what do you think?  Today we are harvesting lots and lots of lettuce (we have three beds full!) to take to market where our lettuce has been chosen to be used in a salad testing. 

Our cows are due any day now!  Their udders are FULL of milk and one of our cows leaks all day.  We wake up each  morning running to see if she has given birth yet.  All the milking supplies (the hand pail, the teat dip, glass jars, etc) have been bought and the stantion is 80% done.  We have been training the girls in it every morning and they love all the treats they are getting! I can't wait to have fresh milk for the kids and fresh cream for my coffee.  We just LOVE our cows. And the bees, we are pretty partial to them as well.

Last but not least is a family pic (except for the baby) that someone took on a recent trip we took.  Praised be Jesus Christ, now and Forever!

Love, the farmer's wife


  1. How do you like having bees? We just got our bees on Palm Sunday, and sheesh we have had all sorts of adventures! I even split a hive that had lots of swarm cells, and I found the new queen in my nuc yesterday! I love it! The bees are my "farm" chore, since I can tend to the bees while the baby is sleeping or playing.

    So glad all is well with you. We are thinking of heading up that way come spring. We should get together :)

  2. PLEASE come see us Amanda! We would love to see yall again! love, katie

  3. We would love to! We will have to figure out a time. We used up a lot of Justin's vacation for a funeral that we had to travel to, so it may have to be spring, but soon! :)