Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Slow Season is Busy Season!

Well, we processed most of the turkeys and there's not a lot of weeding or anything going on, so you would think that I'd have more time to update the blog.  The first part is true - I do have more time.  The second part, however, is not true - I don't have more time to update the blog because .... I'm .... planning a dang farm here!

I've been picking up the phone each day and have getting as much advice and counsel as I can get.  I'm also reading every book I can grab (along with reading for school) to try and really get a grasp of my situation.  Here's what it looks like:


There's plenty that could be produced here on the land that is not being produced.  It needs to be.  Soon.  So, I'm planning it out.  Bees, plants, hogs, and - - -COWS.  I really want some stinkin' cows.  I visited a guy doing intensive grazing the other day (a method of moving livestock each day into small paddocks as opposed to letting them go and eat whatever they want), and he was very helpful.  In fact, everyone I talk to encourages grass-fed beef production first and foremost.  The problem is, it requires up front capital and the profit is very delayed.  I don't mind the delay, but the upfront is tough when you have nothing.  I think I'll be able to work a deal with a few friends and family that would basically be a buy two calves, I'll grow them, and then at the end of the season you get your meat for free and I sell off mine. 

Another project is a newspaper for Catholic Land Movement aficionados.  Sound cool?  Would you subscribe?  Do tell...  I have some great contributors eager to get on board.  

Another very exciting project has been a paper on the development of the villages of the Middle Ages.  How they got there, what we can learn, etc.  I think I'll share most of it here, but it might be a bit dry for the whims of a blog.   Maybe not.  Its all very interesting.  Basic thesis: if you want an agrarian village life, stop trying to buy land first.  In fact, you might never buy it!  Oh and you will still be all like totally distributist and stuff still - without property!   Yeah, its crazy. 

In the meantime, check this out:


  1. Sounds like up my alley. I kinda hate property (read: I'm bad at not letting it own me)

    More thoughts:

    A guy I show with at our cultural events would be a wonderful contributor to the newspaper (www.jmjensenart.com)via the art section. He is teaching right now and told me how he has included Aristotle's theory of causes into his art appreciation course. Sweet stuff.

    Additionally: I'm thinking more and more about getting in touch with some Catholic Worker folk. It seems like they are the less traddy side of the distibutist coin. (being careful to take many of the communities with a grain of salt of course).

    Finally: I'm falling into dangerous waters by lately asking myself "I dunno, do you really need edifying labor to be holy?"

    We continue to be grateful that you are engaging into this opportunity and helping pave the way (and admittedly somewhat envious)as we continue to pray on your behalf.

  2. I know Mr. Jensen - he was at the AI. Please do get in touch with them ASAP. I've had some other emails come in and there is a clear desire to get this rolling and many contributors eager to help.