Friday, March 1, 2013

Cow meet Chicken

Jason said I could keep on posting on here until the fence is done.  So, I'm going to share one of my favorite farm pics with you.  You might have seen this on facebook, but I wanted to share the story behind it.

We moved the teenage roosters over to the cow barn.  We call it the "boys club" over there because as soon as you pull up, all the boys come running over to check you out and see what you're up to.  We moved the roosters over there because we are trying to build up a NO-GMO laying flock, and can't afford to keep feeding the roosters the expensive no-GMO feed.  The boys are quite hilarious and act just like teenage boys, running around everywhere in a pack, exploring. 

So while the boys enjoy their new layer, the cows aren't as pleased.  They chase the chickens out of their water and dont like them hanging around.  It will be a transition for them. We do see moments that make us hope for better cow chicken relations, and I was happy to capture the above one on film.

Below is Abigail looking annoyed while the boys party behind her. 


  1. you should honestly submit that image to some magazines (mother earth news etc.) along with a brief press release about the farm and the launch of your enterprises.

    places are always looking for good stories and and its even better when you can supply both the text of the article and the images.

  2. Haha funny - our cows actually like our chickens. Our Jersey cow will actually chase hawks away from them, and in the summer the chickens are pretty good about keeping flies off of them. Although, we just "renewed" our chicken flock and the new chickens haven't actually moved outside yet (still inside in the growing pen), so I wonder if that'll change... :)