Thursday, March 14, 2013

Coexisting Hugelkulter

 Remember the hugelkulter beds we made?  Well, we've been growing Austrian Winter Peas in them through the winter, not because we get any peas from them, but because they take nitrogen from the air and bring it into the soil (amazing right?).  This will help with the logs buried under there that are sucking nitrogen away.  I planted the potatoes right into the thick - my theory is that they will sort of coexist there until the summer sun burns away the peas at which point the become mulch.  We'll see.

Oh yes, and let me say that potatoes and peas are things that can coexist.  Human persons, on the other hand, are called to much more, and the minimum is well above coexisting.  I refuse to coexist with my neighbor because I think he deserves much more than what my potatoes offer to my peas.  I will not coexist, thank you, and I wish you and your bumper sticker would think better of me as well.


  1. those bumper stickers are directed toward peas and potatoes, didn't you know that?

    Also... you're hugelculture looks way better than ours. Methinks that juniper wasn't a good base.

  2. Just found your blog through a picture on another persons blog. So happy to see others doing what we're also doing. Makes me feel less insane. ;) WIll be adding your blog to my reading list. :)