Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Brief Update, Many Pics

It is not that we are going backwards here.  I hear that said - going back to old ways.  Yes, its true, these are things of old, but its not that.  I don't want to be like people that believed a four leaf clover was magic, but I even more so don't want to be like modern man that dismisses the former as inferior, or worse yet, has never looked at a patch of clover long enough to find out that here and there, you can find a four leafed one.  I found one yesterday.  It was magical. 

Anyway, here's a brief rundown, and then some eye candy.

Beds are planted.  We converted to a no-till method and so far its going well.  Cool season seedlings are popping up, and the recycled window greenhouse has cilantro, peppers, and tomatoes growing in it, with flowers nearby to keep their pragmatism in check. I also fenced in the garden to fence out the chickens.  I cut the square footage in half, but I'm planning on doubling the production with the bio-intensive goodness. 

We have a meat cow.  I sold enough shares to buy our first meat cow.  We have already named him.  Charlie.  Charlie Charbroiled that is.  Charlie Charbroiled the Charlotte ("shar-lay").

The two jerseys have accepted Charlie into the heard and they have open reign of the newly fenced pasture.  Intensive grazing will recommence in time.  I'll explain later.  We've begun cleaning out the old dairy barn. 

We went and retrieved a kitten from a scrap yard to combat the mouse problem.  Turns out to be the best cat in the world.  Haven't seen any mice in a while.  To show how tough she is, the cat ate all the mouse poison, and then ate all the mice.  Its double death for the mice. 

Turkey's are doing great.  They've really been stepping up the egg-laying and there's already a tractor of chicks out front mowing the rye I planted in the front yard.  We're planning on 300 in the field this year. 

We have guard dogs now guarding the non-GMO pastured egg production.  Oh yeah, we went all non-GMO this month.  Take that Monsanto. 

The donkey was sold to fund the dogs.  That is a very good thing. 

I never get tired of fresh eggs.

Meeting Charlie

Checking on things with Papa. 

Don't eat me bro.

Let's go pose for the camera.

Look, I can do this now with my skittish cows. 

Beer break.  It was beer thirty 'round here.

Almost time for Holy Mass.

Concrete jungle.

Free fence post.  Thanks forest. 

Catching fish thiiiis big.

Psh. Mouse please.  (Real pic via my amazing photographing wife).

Its a farm-knock life for us.

There be eggs in dem bushes.

No altar girls 'round here.



  1. Great picures Craig Clan! Miss you all! See you Sunday!

  2. These pictures make me want to come visit!!!! I hope you all are well! We all miss you in St. Auggie - it's so exciting what you guys are it up!


  3. Your first paragraph about the four-leafed clover is really quite amazing. I've spread it around... it's beautiful.

    Thanks for this great blog.