Wednesday, August 22, 2012

8/21/12 - Father Said Yes

Yesterday, Father H. (my spiritual director) gave me the final yes for beginning a major shift in my life.

So, today I begin two things.  Actually, we (my wife and I) start two things.  Wait, wait.  Today I, my wife and children begin two things.

First, we are joining the Catholic Land Movement.  Perhaps it should be called "The New Catholic Land Movement" since it is indeed a revival of something begun, dead, and resurrected.  For information on THE Catholic Land Movement, please see Kevin Ford's website:

The second thing we are starting is this blog.

I have spoken with many friends, especially men, who have a deep longing to move back to the land -  to live sustainability out of love for family and culture, not fear.  Yet many of them are paralyzed at the first steps.  Growing up in a culture so removed from the dirt from which we came makes it a fearful step to get back on it, especially with a family.  I'm going.  I'm in.  And because for many men and women the first, middle and last steps are shrouded and unknown, I am going to chronicle our steps.  Through this blog I will talk very little philosophy and vision, since that has been cast by many more eloquent and intelligent than me, but I will primarily write about our experience as we step out. 

The next post will discuss whys, wheres and hows, especially in response to Mr. Ford's recent essay on choosing a place

I also pledge to you that I will make every effort to update often.  This will mean many short posts with news, updates and even advice, and not many long infrequent posts. 

Thank you for reading, and I'll get back to you soon.

Jason Craig


  1. This is exciting! We are thinking along these lines too, but we'll probably stay much closer to Jax. And we aren't jumping ship all at once. But we're excited to read about your journey (and visit?!)

  2. We will indeed be closer now wont we? Of course, if we're on a farm you'll want to visit us with dem boys.