Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Moving Date Set

We are packing up and hitting the road on the 15th of September.  My father will be helping us as we drive the whole family across the country.

We plan to stop and visit Kevin Ford at Fiat Farms.  Maybe a pilgrimage stop here or there (like the shrine of St. Francis de Sales in St. Louis).  My wife is packing quite a bit of [real] food.  We've arranged with our dairy farmer to give us a bit of extra milk.  We have folks on both ends ready to help.  We have a few boxes packed, but not enough.  I've calendered my work extensively to try and keep things flowing.  I switched from on campus classes to just one distance class.

As I type of think of other things...  Right now I have a bed to hold down.  Don't worry, the covers help.

If anyone has made a trip across country with little ones, feel free to drop some advice in the comments. 


  1. For MM: a lap board for drawing and stickers with new coloring books and new stickers. To make your own, we cut a piece if particle board and I cover it with prequilted fabric. It might be a good idea to afix a plastic cup to it to hold crayons or whatnot.
    For H: this will work for MM too. Create a secret stash of new or "new" cool things, toys, books, cds, Dvds, etc. Key is that they've NEVER been seen before. I like the dollar store for plastic animals and the like. Then keep the bag up front with you. When he gets itchy and starts whining, pull a new magic thing from your stash. At rest stops, clean out his area and reclaim now boring items to reappear the next day. Make sure he's not overwhelmed with toys and things in his lap.

    And P: nurse. Just nurse. And get comfortable nursing him while the car is moving (if you're not driving that is- and of course this is advice for Katie). It might be hard in your car, but sit next to him and lean over. It's not cozy, and no you're not wearing your seatbelt, but it's safer than pulling off on the highway OR driving with a screaming infant at 80 mph.

    Good luck and Godspeed! Hope to join you real soon!

    Btw, I hate your text verification thingy. And it hates me.

  2. Hi Craigs!
    We gave made quite a few moves, long distance and it's certainly doable! Pack lots of snacks! Give your self time, and make little stops for leg stretches and fresh air. Great advice from brittany! Also, We have found that making a long trip out of an already long drive just delays and increases the difficulties! We have done the "make a trip out of it" and have done the drive through the night," let's get this done" trip too. Each time we have encountered strange situations and difficulty but the just get it done trip has proved to be a little less stressful, although it's different for every family, depending upon your kids and such. The kids slept through the night and although it was a bit harder on Jim and I, at least the kids were able to sleep and it made for some good ol silence for prayer and talking :) if you stop through tennessee give us a holler! So excited for yiru new adventure :)

  3. I've moved by myself hauling my car behind my 24' Rented Uhaul with a single little one several times. Once, I pulled into a driveway that I couldn't back out and had to go into McDonalds and ask another truck driver I saw if he would get me out! It was funny and educational. 3 carseats on this long trip will surely be challenging, but doable! At least you won't be in a covered wagon, walking and watching out for coyotes and arrows coming your way :). ..Oh and both yours and Katies blog has gotten almost impossible to leave comments on as the text verification is ridiculous. You can't read the letters that you are supposed to type in. I literally had to do it about 30 times to get other messages posted! I gave up on Katie's blog yesterday. Its depressing because I want to be heard! I'm going to try and try for this message but I won't be posting many comments as the verification is much too burdensome. Can you change the settings? Or...maybe you just don't want comments? Love Mom

    1. I have that problem too! Hearing that my mother has the same one might be a sign of genetics though... Is this a Deas thing? Anyway, I'm not sure how to check that, but I'll see. And yes, we do want comments. Persevere!

  4. good singable hymns and kid songs -- they take up very little space, don't get lost in the mess of stuff, and our kids love to sing along.

  5. My recommendation is to put the dog on the roof of the car, then run for president.