Saturday, August 25, 2012

Official Moving Video/Theme Song

Katie and I are having difficulty deciding what the official song/video will be for the move.  Her vote is:

My vote is this one:

Can you help us?


  1. seriously? this is not even a hard choice. LOL..Now granted I don't get out alot..but peaches all the time can give you the runs...just sayin...

  2. Millions of peaches is a symbolic phrase, of course.

  3. Amanda: I'm totally with Katie for a bunch of reasons
    1) the song is really sweet!
    2) I'm allergic to peaches
    3) Jason lost me with the electric guitar
    4) Ninjas are scary -- your kids might get nightmares!

    Justin: Green Grass Grows
    I grew up liking the peaches song, but had never seen the video -- it's weird
    What is the symbolism of millions of peaches? I don't get it

  4. When Eryn and I watched the video of Peaches we totally cracked up and realized that was SOOO Jason, burst of electric guitars, ninjas, tree jumping. All things Jason wishes he could do.(well he can climb trees pretty good). The Peaches song is funny but Katie's song is poignant and seems to be truer to your heart's desires with this move. Although, it can be good to have the ridiculous Peaches song to remind you to sit back and laugh at times, because I have a feeling there are going to be some tough ones ahead and it may provide some much needed comic relief.

  5. Can I get a vote here for the correct choice please?

  6. The correct choice is always the wife's choice. :)

  7. I vote for peaches for the sole reason that there is a kung-fu action sequence at the end of the video. So therefore that will be the official song. Keck has spoken.

    Green Grass is played out like yoyos.

  8. Even though Peaches reminds me of when I was a kid, I'll have to go with Katie's choice :). Got to go with a country song for this kind of move.

  9. Just remember, they were put there by a man in a factory downtown....