Monday, October 15, 2012

Farm Dinner

We're in Polk county USA (NC).  Not a major county, but it has something only 2 others have - a full time director for ag development.  They have this ag center that is a converted high school (with some character, not like those utilitarian, prison-looking, sprawling, dreary buildings kids are forced in every day).  Each year they have a farm to fork dinner, which is basically an invitation to the community to come out and eat a big spread boasting food from local farms. 

Other than some logistical hang-ups, the event was a success.  I hope to one day have some of my own products there on the table.  Here's the girl - with self-applied headband - straight busting a move to the music:

If you're thinking of moving to the land and make a go at farming, find a place that has support like this ag center, and a community willing to pay for actual food.

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