Thursday, October 18, 2012

Turkey Season

Where does your turkey come from?  Mine comes from the yard.

These are Bourbon Reds, the heritage breed that we picture when we picture a turkey - classic American folklore right here.  As soon as I am able, I'd like a whole field of these - they grow fast (this one is 7 months old), eat little once they're big, are docile, they're smart enough to get out of a cage here and there but dumb enough to let me get close enough to grab 'em too.  And the look awesome.  The first time I got in the cage I thought they were going to peck and scratch me, because well... I'm going to eat them, but I've learned that though they are capable of this, their docility trumps.

This line is acclimated to the area too, so the stock is very resistant to disease (sometimes people have trouble with them when they order them from a catalog 6 states away).  They are great mowers too - move them down the grass and behind them is a trimmed, fertilized carpet of grass.  The exception to a normal lawn is that this grass is producing resources for a family, not draining them. 

Why do I look so satisfied in this picture?  Its hard to explain.  You'll understand when you dive for an escaped turkey's feet and pick it up.... its satisfying.  

(As I'm writing this, my wife gave me a bite of butter she just made from a raw milk, grass-fed dairy.  Geeks?  Nah.  Humans.)

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  1. Perfect man. I only see wild turkeys when I fly into a field really early in the morning.