Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Henry and the Horse

My eldest boy is frightened of many things.  He doesn't know you so don't stick your hand in his face and say "five."  I'd rather you teach him to shake a hand anyway. 

He's slow to tread on new ground and slow to warm up to new people.  In a play group he's fine alone - in fact he probably prefers it.  Once he warms up he's good-to-go, but he needs time.

So the other day when he went on the farm tour and we saw that he could ride a horse, we weren't sure he would be interested.  Oh but he was.  In line he could hardly wait.  But, there was a big cowboy up there putting everyone on a horse, so we doubted he would let them pick him up and put him on a huge creature. 

We were wrong. 

PS - Hank's on the left.  Update on that soon.
He walked right up, lifted his hands up and was plopped down by a complete stranger on a beast of a creature (just imagine how big a horse is to a 2 year old).  He then trotted around on his back as if he was made for horses.

Maybe he was.

Its amazing what you learn about your kids out here. 

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